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GRACIE FIELDS (1898 – 1979)

Gracie Fields was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, England and died on her beloved island of Capri. She was a great favourite during the inter-war years with comic songs such as “Stop, shop at the Co-op shop,”(1929), “The Rochdale hounds” (1932), “Walter, Walter lead me to the altar,” “The biggest aspidistra in the world,” “She fought like a tiger (for ‘er ‘onour,)” all presented in a Northern, working-class style. She was also a great success between 1931 & 1945 appearing in films such as “This week of grace” (1933), “Sing as we go” (1934), “Look up and laugh”1935, “We’re going to be rich” 1938 and “Shipyard Sally” (1939). Her most famous song was “Sally” which became her theme song. Sheet music for “Goodnight children everywhere” at the outbreak of world war two carried the message “with a tender thought to all evacuated children” and during the war she worked for ENSA entertaining the troops.                   

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